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With BananaTok, you can enjoy texting, smart order, secure payment and even massive free airdrops! Watch brief video to learn how BananaTok made her life smart & sweet!

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"BiYong” which hit 6 million users in less than one year and ‘Café union’ of ZOO HOLDINGS GROUP which is a Hong Kong-based F&B company met and combined their advantages.

With ‘BananaTok’ (Social Network Services&Smart Pay), we are now starting a cross-border blockchain SNS&PAY Service.

BananaTok(BNA) Ecosystem

Just a few years ago, we were amazed that cash was being pushed away by cards. But now, we're living in a mobile and cryptocurrency era.

PAY Specialized for blockchain-based social networks and smart orders, is no longer a future service.

Business Architecture

BananaTok works as a bridge between consumers, affiliate stores, and exchanges. We never stop learning how to maximize efficiency and profitability for all users.

Token Matrix

BNA Protocol Overview

BananaPay & BananaEX Roadmap

The Best Blockchain Messenger

Security and entertainment at a glance

All the benefits of the telegram

Telegram Address Book Sync Function. Convenient auto sync with address book

Transfer wirhout wallet address

Direct transfer in group chat without complex cryptocurrency wallet address

Direct Airdrop

Group Airdrop function in mobile which used to be only available in exchanges!

Fiat & Crypto Support

Banana Pay can be used anywhere, anytime by supporting both legal currency and cryptocurrency. In addition, real-time coin prices can be checked by linking major exchanges.

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BananaTok Service Launching


BNA Token

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BananaTok & BananaPay

Expanding Service to Over-sea

Zoo Holdings Family

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Developed with Professionals

With experience of more than 500 global stores and managing know-how leading 4 million online users

Project Team

Cho Woo Chang

SMajored in Business Management in Seoul National University of Science & Technology. He is CEO of Zoo Holdings Group's brand for 15 years, including Seven Monkeys Coffee, Zoo Coffee and Tiger Kitchen. Experts in operation of offline stores in China and Vietnam

Pan Keon Kim

Banana EX
Majored Broadcast & Media in Fudan University. He is a member Of Zoo Holdings Group's Strategic Planning Office, CEO of Smart Order System Cafe Union in the China market. He has more than 8 years of experience in marketing in China

Sandy Jeon

Business & Communications
Majored in Economics in Peking University Of China. A former CTO of BIXIN in Korea market. A former advisor of B-TRADE. She has many experience in blockchain project in China market

Kever Wu

System Developer
University of Electronic Science & Technology of China Software Engineering, China's network of people, Sohu TV Chief Software Engineer, A Former Director of Technical Development at Tencent Group IT

Ray Li

A former member of MMORPG Wanmei Development Team in China. A former senior software engineer in Tencent and Sohu TV in China

Jack Zhang

Product Planner
He Planned a number of games In Qilin Game and Jingjie Game. He was in charge of the planning of MMORPG JIULING in China

Lee Nam Auk

Legal Advisor
A lawyer for a landmark law firm, a senior lawyer for a Chinese Great Wall law firm. He is a professional international lawyer for more than 15 years in Asia, including Korea and China, He has participated in a number of international investment M&A, and a professional lawyer on the blockchain project